Study in Latvia for Indian students

Latvia which is officially known as the Republic of Latvia is a country with a democratic parliamentary structure situated in the Baltic region in Europe’s North.A unique feature that stands out in the case of Latvia when students need to research about study in Latvia is that the education is administered at three levels.viz. the national, municipal and institutional.

Why study in Latvia

The Latvian government has laid special emphasis on education and have made several educational reforms that have made it an ideal study abroad destination.Latvia has both fee paying as well as state financed higher education opportunities in universities. For scholarship schemes a careful process of student selection is carried out so as to offer government aid to the most deserving students. There are two types of higher education programs offered in Latvia: Professional and Academic. Study in Latvia is the affordable education. The tuition fees and other living costs are lower as compared to several western nations.

Living expense: 15000 to 20000 per month

Show money: 5000 USD

Popular courses: MBA, Engineering, PhD

Work permit 6 months

Advantages Of Studying In Latvia For Indian Students

1. Internationally recognized Degree

2. Get Quality education at Affordable Fees.

3. Study in Advanced Education System.

4. Work along with studying

5. Wide range of course options

6. Scholarships

7. Entry Requirements

8. No IELTS, not a problem

Tuition Fees in Latvia

  • The average tuition fee in Latvia for undergraduate programs is between EUR 3000 – EUR 5000 (USD 3,600 – USD 6,100).
  • Medicine degrees are at higher rates, with the most being up to EUR 15,000 (USD 18,400) per year
  • On the other hand, master’s degree programs range from EUR 1,700 (USD 2,095) annually for EU/EEA and Swiss students to EUR 3,700 (USD 4,560) for other international enrollees.

Top Latvian universities

1. The University of Latvia

2. Riga Technical University


*Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management in Business Administration

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • 1st Year Tuition Fees: INR 2.4 Lakh
  • Exams Accepted IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 72

*Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Computer Science

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • 1st Year Tuition Fees :INR 1.9 Lakh
  • Exams Accepted
  • IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 72

*Professional Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering Management

  • Duration: 4 Years
  • 1st Year Tuition Fees:INR 2.2 Lakh
  • Exams Accepted
  • IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 72      


  • Duration:3  Years             
  • Tuition fees: INR  2.4L