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STUDY IN Austria

Higher education with various study options mainly provided in 16 Austrian universities and many other private universities. The sector of post-secondary also includes teachers training institutions and colleges.

  • The official language of Austria is German (Austrian German), Hungarian, and Slovenian. However, English is also widely spoken in Austria.
  • The GDP of Austria is $ 400.5 billion (nominal) and $ 45648.52 (PPP) ranking 27 in nominal and 42 in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).
  • The currency of Austria is Euro. 1 Euro = 1.14 USD (Varies daily).


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Do I need a Visa to study in Austria?

Everyone needs a residency permit to study in Austria. If your country allows you the possibility of coming to Austria for 90 days without needing a Visa, our company will help you to apply for a residency permit from here, increasing your chances of getting accepted, otherwise you will have to apply from your home country.

Is study free in Austria ?

Most of the government universities in Austria provide free education, however private universities charge fee. We have listed few of the public universities in Austria which offer free study to local as well as international students.

What do Austrian speak?

German, The languages of Austria include German, the official language and lingua franca; Austro-Bavarian, the main dialect outside Vorarlberg; Alemannic, the main dialect in Vorarlberg; and several minority languages.