Overseas Education Consultancy


Higher education here is mainly divided into two types, public and Grades écoles universities. The eligibility for Grades écoles is High school diploma + additional high school studies of 2 years. The France comprises of 88 universities and grand ecoles of 500. There are more than 220 business management schools, 240 engineering schools, and many other special schools in specific sectors. The degrees are European system based of master, bachelor, and Phd all expressed in European credit transfer system (ECTS).

  • The official language of France is French and Basque. However, English is also widely spoken in France (39%).
  • The GDP of France is $ 2.794 trillion (nominal) and $ 2.968 trillion (PPP) ranking 6 in nominal and 10 in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).
  • The currency of France is Euro and CFP Franc. 1 Euro = 1.14 USD and 1 CFP Franc = 0.0096 USD (varies daily).


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