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STUDY IN Germany

Germany has been widely chosen by the Students,It is known to be the technological and economic powerhouse of Europe. German universities have accepted a large number of international students for the last couple of decades. There are many universities that offer higher education for student migrants. The proximity of these universities to industrial plants and various research centers provide a good opportunity for students to find employment and stay in the same city, earning on their own. German universities offer more than 350 English-taught courses available in varying domains.

The free education system in the public universities of Germany is the number one reason why students opt for Germany. Germany offers an excellent education system with standard curricula and infrastructure. Many degree programs are being offered in English in Germany. According to records, It has around 450 state-accredited universities that offer 17, 600-degree programs. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a very famous scholarship organization in Germany offering countless scholarship programs to applicants. German degrees are known for quality and are highly valued in the job market. The German Visa is also valid for 27 Schengen countries that include Austria, Denmark, France, Greece, and others.

Types of Germany Study Visas

You may be issued a Germany study visa for a range of study levels and degrees which includes undergraduate, exchange, graduate or postgraduate studies.

The three types of Germany student visas you can apply for:

German Student Visa

This is the standard student visa for international students who have been admitted to any German universities and are ready to start their studies at a full-time university program.

German Student Applicant Visa

You need this visa if you need to be in Germany to apply for any university on your own. This visa doesn’t allow you to study in Germany, instead, it’s only valid for the university application process.

German Language Course Visa

You need this type of visa to join a German language course in Germany.

Student Visa Requirements

The most important requirements for your Germany student visa process are:

  • Visa Application Documents
    • Filled national visa application form.
    • National passport.
    • Two photocopies of your passport.
    • Your birth certificate
    • Your marriage certificate. (If applicable).
    • Your child’s certificate of birth. (If applicable).
    • Your recent passport-style photographs. (Up to 3).
    • Photocopies of previous German residence titles. (If applicable).
    • Previous Schengen visa.
    • Previous German resident permit.
  • Proof of Financial Resources
    • Letter of commitment and evidence of your parent’s income records and financial assets.
    • Letter of commitment by a German resident. This letter is taken at the Alien’s Registration Office, by the German resident whose going to cover your costs during your studies.
    • Scholarship awarding certificate that shows the number of costs it covers.
    • Bank guarantee from a recognized German bank.
  • Proof of University Admission
    • Proof of conditional university admission
    • Proof of having paid the language course.
    • Confirmation of admission in a university preparatory course
    • Proof of conditional university admission.
  • Evidence of your earlier education
    • Original school-leaving certificate.
    • Degree certificate. (If applicable)
  • Student Health Insurance.
  • University entrance qualification
  • Certificate of German or English Language Proficiency.

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