Study in Italy | Benefits of Studying in Italy


Italy is counted as eight most industrialized countries in the world with a strong manufacturing industry and robust network of scientific parks, offering ample scope for cutting edge research and job opportunities in diverse fields.With a low crime rate and tendency towards a laid back lifestyle, Italy provide a safe, loving, and fun environment for those residing there. Its world heritage sites, varied land and seascapes, easy going people, fashion and fabulous food makes Italy truly irresistible for international students.Italian is the native language for Italy, but around 29 percent of the population speaks English.

Quick Facts
  • Capital: Rome
  • Climate: Temperate climate with regional variations
  • Government: Democracy, Republic
  • GDP: 2071.31 billion US dollars (2013)
  • Language: Italian as well as German, French and Latin in some regions in Northern Italy
  • Currency: Euro
  • Number of universities: 89
Why Study In Italy?
  • Home to one of the oldest Universities in the Western world (The University of Bologna)
  • IELTS /TOEFL not required
  • Courses designed in collaboration with companies thus increasing employability
  • English is the prime medium of instruction
  • Italian language and intensive Italian programs are taught at all levels, from beginning to advance levels
  • Scholarships Fee waivers, free housing, refectory meal tickets are provided for deserving students
  • Ranks among the 8 most industrialized countries in the world
  • 6 months stay back available
  • Opportunity to work 20 hours per week

The academic year comprise of two semesters. The first semester starts in September/October and ends in January/February. The second semester starts in February and ends in July.

*Intakes may vary from university to university

Cost of Education
  • Approximately 3300 Euros per year, fee may vary depending on the university and course of study.
  • For Specialized degree and doctoral courses the fee would be on a higher side
Cost Of Living

Varies considerably depending on location, though comes between 1000 and 1500 Euros.

Work rights & stay back

Stay back of 6-12 months for masters/PhD and part time work rights of 20 hours per week.


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